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An authentic, romantic & rustic wedding venue.

You too can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Geelhoutkloof Wedding Venue.

“Two people madly in love, and a moment shared at Geelhoutkloof, the place where it all started, was all it took!

And this is just the beginning.

When MG brought me here for the first time back in 2015, for a picnic underneath the most beautiful yellow wood tree, neither of us realised that this place would soon become our favourite. A place that is now home to some of our most special memories, shared with friends and family. The place where we would then promise
forever to each other.

This is where our love story started. The first of many we hope to be a part of here at Geelhoutkloof Wedding Venue.”

More About
Geelhoutkloof Wedding Venue

Situated in Patensie, the unspoiled surroundings offer an authentic, romantic and rustic bushveld feel. Bridal couples tie the knot underneath a gorgeous yellow wood tree set next to a seasonal tranquil river. Although the entire venue is outdoors, we also offer a large tent for those who want a bit of cover (and for unforeseen weather).

This versatile venue affords bridal couples the opportunity to make the venue entirely their own with regards to the look and feel of their special day.

Included in the wedding
venue hire.

Bride and groom's table

Tables & Chairs

We provide wooden tables and chairs which can seat up to 120 guests.

Plates & Cutlery

Dinner plates, knives, forks and spoons are all included.

wedding table
Groom and friends


Wine glasses, tumbler glasses and champagne flutes are supplied by us.

Tent & Fairy Lights

A large marque tent that covers the reception area will be available for unforeseen weather. It comes with fairy lights and is included in the venue hire.


What is NOT included with –
the wedding venue hire?

At Geelhoutkloof Wedding Venue, our setting provides the perfect canvas for you to decorate exactly as you like it. The bridal couple is responsible for their own decor, special featured ceremony arrangement & preparations, supply of DJ & entertainment, flowers and decorations, wedding cake and catering. We do, however, supply a small desk for signing the nuptials.